Nature and Human Relations

Nature proceeds throughout the whole infinite series of its possible determinations without outward incentive; and the succession of these changes is not arbitrary, but follows strict and unalterable laws. Whatever exists in Nature necessarily exists as it does exist. Nature's relation to human beings is neutral while human's relation to nature is very complex process and yet undetermined. When describing reality, you must be careful not to weave in your own wishful views. For example, describing nature as if it has human traits is a modelling process called the "pathetic fallacy." It has been found that so far as we can discover, nature is indifferent to our values and can only be understood by ignoring our notions of good and bad. The Universe may have a purpose, but nothing that we know suggests that this purpose has any similarity to ours. The following figure illustrates the two extreme worldviews painted so far by religions, morality, culture, and metaphysics.