Examples of MCDM

In Personal Context

Everyday when buying necessary goods our choice depends on price, quality, durability, maybe also on look of cover, advertisements, and fashion. Also no so often made choices as choosing job or school are done in multiplecriteria conditions. Choosing job we are interested in salary, location, image of the firm, possibilities of personal growth etc.

In Business Context

The choice of corporate strategy may depend on the company’s earnings in last year, its stock price, share of market, goodwill, labour relations, firm image etc.

In Academic Context

Selection of future configuration of the university can be based on number of faculties, number of graduate and undergraduate students and enrolment, tuition level, specification of other universities in the region, number and qualification of teachers, etc.

In Public Context

The social benefits should be derived from price of food and living, level of unemployment, age structure of population. Other MCDM decision can be water resources development plan, allocation of great enterprises, opening or closing schools, health centres, plan of communication development etc.